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Freecad design files and STLs used to build the Hexastorm, a transparent polygon scanner.
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Rik R. Starmans
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Hexastorm Design

The current development target of the Hexastorm design is to simplify the creation and alignment of a laserscanner.


Deprecated folder contains the old design files of the Hexastorm. The first design was made in Freecad 0.17. These designs were overcomplicated and let to frequent Freecad crashes. As a result, a design in Openscad was made with solid python. This design was hard to change or visualize. The hexastorm logo generator can be used to create an STL from the Hexastrom logo. The Hexastorm logo will be used as a trademark for hexastorm and should be considered copy-right. The STLs of the proof of concept model were made with a startup license of SolidEdge. Only the STLs are shown online. The new design will be made with Freecad 0.18 using the assembly3 module by realthunder. The scanhead is calibrated with a ueye camera for which a stand was developed. A cheaper alternative might be to use chips provided by the Japanese vision processing commnunity on for example a Raspberry Pi 3.

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