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Hexastorm - Laser Direct Lithography

Beaglebone is no longer supported, activity has been moved to the FPGA branch.

A process known as Laser Direct Imaging.

The bill of materials (BOM) and links to FreeCad and PCB designs can be found on Hackaday.


It is possible to reach a phase-locked loop with the Hexastorm and sent lines to the scanner. A resolution below 100 micrometers can be obtained. The stepper motors can be moved and homed via the limit switches. The power of the laser can be set via a digital potentiometer. An exposure requires the following code, see

import numpy as np
from machine import Machine
from time import sleep

FILENAME = 'test.bin' 
LANEWIDTH = 8.34751

prototype = Machine()
print("Homing x")
print("Homing y")
print("Moving to start")
prototype.move([prototype.position[0], prototype.position[1]+70, 0])
print("Reading binary")
data = np.fromfile(FILENAME, dtype = np.uint8)
for lane in range(1, round(len(data)/(bytes_inlane))):
    print("Exposing lane {}".format(lane))
    if lane > 0:
        print("Moving in x-direction for next lane")
        prototype.move([prototype.position[0]+LANEWIDTH, prototype.position[1], 0])
    if lane % 2 == 1:
        direction = False 
        print("Start exposing forward lane")
        direction = True 
        print("Start exposing back lane")
    line_data = data[lane*bytes_inlane:(lane+1)*bytes_inlane]
    # reverse, as exposure is inversed
    line_data = line_data[::-1]
    prototype.expose(line_data, direction, MULTIPLIER, move=True)
print("Finished exposure")

The binary with laserdata can be created from an image with The binary can not be created on the beaglebone as the script requires a lot of memory.

To Do

  • if you enable the scan head, you give it an additional 4 seconds stabilization time. Ideally, add a counter so it has to pass the threshold multiple times
  • there is no way to determines the scanhead missed the photodiode during exposure
  • use asyncio loop for stabilizer
  • check the speed of polygon in hertz; this might explain why different polygon vendors have such different behavior

Install notes

Image used

The following image was used

Install steps

Check wether the uio_pruss driver is loaded.

lsmod | grep uio

There should be something called uio_pruss. If it is not loaded load the module and check again.

sudo modprobe uio_pruss 

To enable the uio_pruss module on each boot add it to /etc/modules-load.d/modules.conf by adding the line uio_pruss. An alternative is to load the PRU via the Python module. Check if you have /dev/uio1 /dev/uio2 etc.

ls /dev/uio*

If not modify /boot/uEnv.txt, comment the proc line


uncomment pruss line

uboot_overlay_pru=/lib/firmware/AM335X-PRU-UIO-00A0.dtbo .

Reboot and check again. You can get an overview of your beaglebone configuration via

sudo /opt/scripts/tools/ .

If this doesn't change, your old bootloader in the eMMC might be blocking u-boot overlays, you can fix it via:

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=1M count=10

Install wheel, numpy, Adafruit_BBIO, Adafruit_GPIO and bidict.

pip3 install wheel numpy Adafruit_BBIO Adafruit_GPIO bidict

Clone py-uio and copy uio-pruss.rules file to /etc/udev/rules.d/ and reboot.

pip3 install --src . -e 'git+'

Install the python library for the stepper motors, see TMC2130Stepper.
Optionally, install zmq for interaction with a remote camera

sudo apt install python3-zmq

Install the PRU assembler and prussdrv library as follows:

cd ~
git clone
cd am335x_pru_package
make install

Hexastorm works with cape universal. Ensure you allow overlays at /boot/uEnv.txt and have cape universal enabled. The pins are configured by applying the file hexastorm.bbio from the config-pin directory.

config-pin -f hexastorm.bbio

The interpolator cannot be run on the beaglebone and requires imagemagick.

sudo apt install imagemagick

If you want to create a slicer for 3D models. I would recommend the python bindings for VTK. You should find examples for it if you look in the git history. It has been removed for now.


The status of a pin can be obtained via

config-pin -q 9.91

A good pinout view of the beagle bone is available here:
P8 header
P9 header


Simple Laser Direct Lithography / Laser Direct Imaging for PCB manufacturing




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