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FPGA tests for controlling a laser scanner using migen
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Migen Test

The repository includes several code examples for m]igen. The goal of these test is to replace the microcontroller of ldgraphy with a FPGA.

Install Notes

Install migen

pip3 install -e 'git+'



Blinks a led at the IceZero boards.

Spi loopback

A SPI slave with loop back is created; MISO equals MOSI. Bytes sent from the Raspberry equal those received.

Spi counter

The max length a word the Raspberry Pi driver can sent is 8 bit. If you want to receive longer words, you will need to count. In this example, a word is sent and the count is replied.

Spi mapping

The Raspberry pi sends two words over SPI. The first word is the command word. The second word is the data write word. The data write word is not used. The command table is as follows;

 command 1 --> reply with 2
 command 2 --> reply with 8
 else      --> reply with 0


A simple code example to check if I can trigger yosys to create an sram block. If you check the output of Icezero you see that a block is created.

Spi memory mapping

The memory is initiated with the value 10 in register 0 and the value 20 in register 1. The linux host sends one word made up out of two bytes over SPI. The first byte is the command. The second byte is optionally the data or ignored. The command table is as follows;

    command 1 --> write data in register 0 and reply with (0,1)
    command 2 --> read value from register 1 and reply with (0,value)
    command 3 --> change address and reply with (0,3)
    else --> reply with (0,0)
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