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== RAP Tycho build example ==

This repository contains one bundle (which contains a RAP application) and one feature to 
demonstrate how to build a RAP application with Tycho. 

=== Usage ===

* Clone the repository and switch to the repository/tycho folder via the command line.
* Be sure you have Maven 3 installed. Run this command within the repository folder to build 
  the RAP application: mvn clean install
* After the build has succeeded you will find a maildemo.war in the 
  com.eclipsesource.maildemo.tycho.feature/target folder.
* Deploy the maildemo.war to the servlet container of your choice.

=== Support ===

If you run into problems please use the RAP newsgroup to get help:

=== Further information ===

=== License ===

All files are published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
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