Twitter for Monsters (a dynamic web application using RAP and OSGi)


== Tmitter Description ==         
Tmitter demonstrates an example UI implementation of a dynamic RAP Application using OSGi. Tmitter stands for "Twitter for Monsters". This application uses the UI framework from the RWT_CONFIG_ADMIN_EXAMPLE git repository which can be found at

== Setup ==
Before you can run Tmitter you need to create some Tmeets. Therefor the class MonsterCrator exists which can run as a normal Java Application.

== OSGi Console Commands ==
startHttpService 9090
deployApplication TmitterUI 9090
deployUIContribution PublicTimeLineTab TmitterUI 9090
deployUIContribution AddTmeetTab TmitterUI 9090
deployUIContribution MentionsTab TmitterUI 9090
deployUIContribution FindTab TmitterUI 9090

startHttpService 9091
deployApplication TmitterAdminUI 9091
deployUIContribution PublicTimeLineTab TmitterAdminUI 9091
deployUIContribution ConsoleTab TmitterAdminUI 9091
deployUIContribution ManageUsersTab TmitterAdminUI 9091

startHttpService 9999
deployApplication TmitterMobileUI 9999

== Entry points ==
Tmitter UI => http://localhost:9090/tmitter
Tmitter Admin UI => http://localhost:9091/tmitter-admin
Tmitter Mobile UI => http://localhost:9999/mobile

== License ==
All Source Code Files are licensed with the Eclipse Public License - v 1.0