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Bossggle Word Game for Learners Guild
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A 1-player Boggle-like Word Game for Learners Guild

To play, visit the following url:

Built by: Steve McDonald and Danielle Gellis

Project Specifications:

Stage 1

  • Repo is created on GitHub.
  • The site looks the same as in the mockups (except without the same words/letters/points - those are just placeholders). -- DONE
  • Your repo includes the files: index.html, main.css, and bossggle.js.

Stage 2

  • Clicking on a letter changes its color to orange.
  • Clicking on a letter adds it to the word.
  • The word is updated with each new letter.

Stage 3

  • Pressing the “Submit” button submits the word for points.
  • Pressing the “Clear” button clears the word and all selected letters.
  • Pressing the “Reset” button clears the word, all selected letters, and generates a new set of letters on the board.

Stage 4

  • Submitted words are added to the left in reverse chronological order (last word submitted is at the top).
  • Submitted words are awarded 9 points per letter.
  • Any word / combination of characters is allowed. There is no validation.
  • Players start with a score of 0.
  • The score is updated after each word is submitted.

Stage 5

  • There is a link to the source code (your GitHub repo) in the bottom left.
  • Repo is published as a GitHub pages site.
  • The artifact produced is properly licensed, preferably with the MIT license.

Stretch Goals

  • Game uses real Boggle rules:
    • Letters must all be connected (second letter must be a “neighbor” of the first letter, third letter must be a “neighbor” of the second, and so on).
    • Words must be at least 3 letters long.
  • Game is timed: players have 1 minute to make as many words as possible.
  • Words must be real English words; non-English words don’t earn points. See Validating Words section for more information.
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