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Various types of data visualizations built with D3.js.


US Gross Domestic Product by quarter, over time

Hover over a bar and see a tooltip with the GDP amount and exact year and month that bar represents

histogram gif

View demo


Doping in Professional Bicycle Racing - Fastest times up Alpe d'Huez

Hover over a datapoint to see a tooltip with additional details

scatterplot gif

View demo

Heat Map

Heat map with months and years represented on the Y and X axes respectively

Each cell is colored based its relative temperature

Hover over a cell in the heat map to get more exact information

heat map gif

View demo

Force Directed Graph

Force-directed graph that shows which countries share borders

Graph is draggable

Hover over a datapoint to see a tooltip with country's name

force directed graph gif

View demo

Data Map

Locations of landed meteorites on a world map

Relative size of datapoint is related to the size of the meteorite

Hover over the meteorite for more information about the meteorite

data map gif

View demo

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