Keltner / Bollinger Band based squeeze with MACD for trend direction. Chart and RadarScreen with alerts.
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KBB (Keltner / Bollinger Band) Squeeze MACD

Chart Analysis, RadarScreen & Alerts—

Based on the Keltner Channel / Bollinger Band squeeze, using MACD histogram for trend.

Chart Analysis

Displays just like a standard MACD but includes the KBB squeeze red/green dots on the centerline. Histogram dynamically colored base on trend direction. Unlike the built-in MACD supplied by TradeStation, this one permits the selection of various moving average types (simple, exponential, weighted, hull).


Displays color coded values in two separate columns of the RadarScreen. KBB column shows whether the KBB is in a squeeze or has fired. If KBB has fired, displays number of consecutive bars since fired. MACD Hist column shows colors of the histogram trend direction.


Are included for both the Chart Analysis mode as well as the RadarScreen mode. Alerts include:

  1. KBB squeeze fired
  2. Histogram crossing zero licensed
  3. Histogram changing trend direction

Getting Started

Installation Method #1:

The EasyLangauge file included:

  1. Simply download the EasyLanguage file and save to your hard drive. Go to an open chart and right-click, select 'Insert analysis technique'. Click the 'Import' button located below the list of included analysis techniques. Select 'Using Import/Export Wizard' from the Import menu. Browse to the location you saved the EasyLanguage file and select it. Click next through the rest of the process until complete.

Installation Method #2 (advanced users):


Source code is provided in the form of the following a text files:

Source code for the analysis technique


Source code for custom function (required)

  1. Open the Development Environment and create a new custom function named HT_MACD. Paste the contents of HT_MACD.txt into this new custom function. Verify the function before proceeding to step 2.
  2. Create a new custom indicator named HT-KBB Squeeze MACD. Paste the contents of HT_KBB_Squeeze_MACD.txt into this new indicator. Click the verify button from the toolbar and check for errors. If no errors then you are ready to add this indicator to your Charts and/or RadarScreen.
  3. If errors prevent the code from verifying, proceed to installation method #1.


*Charges May Apply

*Requires you to install the TradeStation platform

*RadarScreen (may require a subscription)

Detailed video demo showing installation and settings

Demo Video


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This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 License - see the file for details