The granddaddy of HTML tools, with support for modern standards
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All other READMEs and related materials can be found in README/. Although all of our materials should be linked in this README, be sure to check this directory for documents we’ve not yet added to this document.

Building HTML Tidy

Branches and Versions

Learn about which branches are available, which branch you should use, and how HTML Tidy’s versioning scheme works.

Contributing and Development Guides

We gladly accept PRs! Read about some of our contribution guidelines, and check out some of the additional explanatory documents that will aid your understanding of how to accomplish certain things in HTML Tidy.

General Contribution Guidelines

These are some general guidelines that will help you help us when it comes to making your own contributions to HTML Tidy.

Adding Features Guides

When you’re ready to add a great new feature, these write-ups may be useful.

Language Localization Guides

Tidy supports localization, and welcomes translations into various languages. Please read up on how to localize HTML Tidy.

Other Important Links


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Tidy is the granddaddy of HTML tools, with support for modern standards. Have fun...


HTML Tidy and LibTidy are free and open source software with a permissive license.