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HTACG HTML Tidy Installer for macOS


This directory contains the project files that are required to build the installer package for HTACG HTML Tidy. Although CMAKE is capable of generating DMG installer packages, Mac users have higher expectations of installers than the rudimentary installer provided by CMAKE. Additionally this gives us the opportunity to sign the installer package before building the disk image.

These materials are available at HTACG' Repository for this project.

Releases and versioning

Disk images will be added to HTACG binaries repository any time other builds are added to the repository. We will strive to ensure that this only happens coincident with official HTML Tidy releases (as of 2021-April there is still some mismatch).


In general the public has no reason to use these tools since they depend on building Tidy locally, in which case there’s no need for an installer. However it’s available here in the event the original maintainer has children late in his life.

Packaging Requirements

Note that the maintainer has taken the time to write scripts to perform these steps rather than counting on GUI-only software. As such, some prerequisites need to be installed on the machine building the images. For convenience, the brew install lines below can be copy and pasted:

brew install ImageMagick
brew install libmagic
brew install create-dmg

Why ImageMagick? It allows us to script adding the version number to the background image of the disk image. Users of macOS are detail oriented, after all.


This script is designed to run both in the macOS terminal and in Github's macOS virtual machine runners. In both cases, some environment variables with your credentials have to be supplied before running the build script. Once supplied, running the script will perform everything automatically.

Environment variables.

Take a look at to see the variables you have to set. You can export (etc.) before running the script. And you do have to supply your own credentials.

Run the Build Package

Ensure that your tidy-html5 and tidy-mac-installer directories are siblings. Whichever branch/version of tidy-html5 that is checked out will be built.

Then run ./

The build will happen quickly, but the script will take a few minutes while waiting for Apple to notarize the disk image. When the script exits successfully, you'll find the important bits in the in-source build directory.