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HTACG HTML Tidy Installer for Mac OS X


This directory contains the project files that are required to build the installer package for HTACG HTML Tidy. Although CMAKE is capable of generating DMG installer packages, Mac users have higher expectations of installers than the rudimentary installer provided by CMAKE. Additionally this gives us the opportunity to sign the installer package before building the disk image.

These materials are available at HTACG' Repository for this project.

Releases and versioning

Disk images will be added to HTACG binaries repository any time other builds are added to the repository. We will strive to ensure that this only happens coincident with official HTML Tidy releases (as of 2015-November there is still some mismatch).


In general the public has no reason to use these tools since they depend on building Tidy locally, in which case there’s no need for an installer. However it’s available here in the event the original maintainer is hit by a bus.

Packaging Requirements

The project requires two pieces of freely available software in order to build:

  • Packages by Stéphane Sudre (free of charge), for the HTML Tidy.pkgproj file.
  • DMG Architect by Spoonjuice LLC (free of charge), for the DMG Project.dmgpkg file.


Of course you have to have used CMAKE to build tidy and its libraries, as well as the documentation.

cd tidy-html5-xxx/build/cmake/
cmake ../..

Move the following files from the build directories to the tidy-mac-installer/install directory:

  • libtidy.x.x.x.dylib, and remove any older versions of the dylib.
  • libtidys.a
  • tidy
  • quickref.html, and rename it to Mac-friendly Tidy Quick Reference.html
  • tidy.1

Note the tidy-mac-installer/install will already contain a Tidy README.rtf.


We will complete the following steps:

  • Use Packages to build an installation package
  • Sign the package with a developer certificate
  • Build the disk image

Use Packages to build an installation package

Verify that Packages correctly located all of the files in install/ and source/. If they are red then you will have to re-add the file.

Remove any references to previous versions of the dylib, and add the correct version in the install directory.

Update the version number to match the HTML Tidy version.

  • Project > Presentation (tab) > Title (popup menu)
  • Packages > HTML Tidy > Scripts > > V_ORIG, V_MAJOR

Sign the package with a developer certificate

We should strive to deliver signed installer packages in order to maintain user trust. Mac OS X GateKeeper policies will, by default, prevent installation of unsigned packages. Although there are workarounds for this, it’s very unfriendly for unsophisticated users who may give up and decide not to install.

A valid Apple Developer ID certificate is required to sign packages.

To sign a package:

/usr/bin/productsign --sign "Developer ID Installer: FirstName LastName" unsigned_package.pkg new_package.pkg

To verify signatures

Signing information can be verified with either of the following two terminal commands:

pkgutil --check-signature new_package.pkg


spctl -a -v --type install new_package.pkg

Build the disk image

Pretty, Mac-like disk images can be built manually, but for convenience this repot contains a DMG Architect project. Open the project and modify the disk image metaphore that is presented.

  • Delete the existing installer.
  • Change the version number.
  • Build and then Finalize the disk image.


Materials for generating the Mac signed installer package and distribution disk image.



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