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Salesforce Python SDK
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Salesforce Python SDK supports Salesforce REST and Partner SOAP APIs.


python install


import salesforce as sf sfdc = sf.Salesforce()

client_secret=client_secret, username=username, password=password)

#SOAP call sfdc.Contact.create(

'FirstName': 'John', 'LastName': 'Varges',

}, {

'FirstName': 'Clark', 'LastName': 'Fisher',


], soap=True)

#REST Call sfdc.Contact.create({

'FirstName': 'John', 'LastName': 'Varges'})

You can switch between REST and SOAP by passing soap parameter.

Supported APIs

get_auth_uri(self, **kwargs)

authenticate(self, soap=None, **kwargs)

query(self, query_string, soap=None)

query_all(self, query_string, soap=None)

query_more(self, query_url, soap=None)

search(self, search_string, soap=None)

get(self, get_url, params=None, soap=None, **kwargs)

post(self, post_url, data, soap=None)

On sObject:

describe(self, soap=None)

create(self, data, soap=None)

update(self, data, soap=None)

delete(self, record_id, soap=None)

post(self, data, record_id=None, soap=None)

get(self, record_id=None, params=None, soap=None)

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