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A site grid gatekeeper technology based solely on Condor components
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A site grid gatekeeper technology based solely on HTCondor components.

This package is simply a thin set of wrappers around HTCondor, allowing you to run a HTCondor-CE without disrupting a site HTCondor install.

For example, condor_ce_q is the HTCondor-CE equivalent to condor_q for the HTCondor-CE processes. This package took much of its inspiration - and base code - from OSGs condor-cron package.

Sites are encouraged to install the sub-package htcondor-ce-condor or htcondor-ce-pbs, depending on which batch manager they run.


HTCondor-CE RPMs are available from the following locations:


At any given time, two versions of HTCondor-CE are maintained, a stable and a development version. In this repository, the master branch contains the latest version of HTCondor-CE (i.e. development) while the stable branch contains the previous version.

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