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FANC (pronounced "fancy") is the Female Adult Nerve Cord, a GridTape-TEM dataset of an adult Drosophila melanogaster's ventral nerve cord. The EM dataset was first published in Phelps, Hildebrand, Graham et al. 2021 Cell, after which we applied automated methods for reconstructing neurons, synapses, and nuclei to accelerate reconstruction of the ventral nerve cord connectome, as described in Connectomic reconstruction of a female Drosophila ventral nerve cord (Azevedo, Lesser, Phelps, Mark et al. 2024 Nature). We now oversee a collaborative effort including over 20 labs to finish the FANC connectome by manually correcting the remaining errors in the automated reconstructions. As of April 2024, about half of the neurons in FANC have been proofread.

For more information, view this repository's README and read the sections below.

Collaborative connectome reconstruction community

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Table of contents

Publications and public data releases

Below is a list of publications that include data from FANC. Many of these publications include public data releases, which can be accessed through the links below.

Manual reconstructions (2021-2022)

Manual skeleton reconstructions of neurons and synapses performed in CATMAID. These are all hosted by Virtual Fly Brain at

Automated reconstructions (2022-present)

Most of the data accompanying each publication below is being deposited into the Google Cloud Storage bucket gs://lee-lab_female-adult-nerve-cord. View the storage bucket in your browser, or click on each paper below for more information.

Listed in chronological order by preprint date, oldest at the top to newest at the bottom: