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Here's a dump of what I have in my mind for the site in the future, in no particular order or timeframe.

  • Versus. Compare two features to see which one has better support. (For example bgcolor HTML attribute versus background-color CSS property.) I started working on the front-end presentation in the versus branch, but this still needs a lot more work.
  • Recipe. Concatenate multiple features and see support for them altogether. Using a + in the search field already allows to see multiple unrelated features, we now need to add a summary for support of them all. As of september 2020, the + combinator works (example). I now need to add overall support stats for the selected features combined.
  • Documentation. Improve every aspect of the documentation to increase contributions and feedbacks.
  • Embeddable widget. Make data embeddable in any website through a widget. Lots of inspiration to grab from Ire Aderinokun's widget for Also love how she made 488 "live images" from it for easy embedding in blog posts, conferences slides, and such. I have a working version live at, but I’m still not sure about the overall layout for the embed widget.
  • Stats. Map support data to email client market share to see how much each feature is supported. (See related issue.)
  • Filters. Allow to filter email clients to only show what you're interested in.
  • API. Make all data available as an API for external use. (See related issue.)