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Hocus :focus

Hocus :focus is a keyboard accessibility horror game made by @HTeuMeuLeu in october 2021. It consists in 8 levels built to trick you around common keyboard accessibility mistakes.


  1. Clone the repository.
git clone

See Cloning a repository on GitHub documentation. If you're not familiar with Git or GitHub, I strongly encourage you to try GitHub's desktop app on macOS, Windows or Linux.

  1. Install Jekyll.
gem install bundler jekyll

See Jekyll Installation Guide.

  1. Run Jekyll.
bundle exec jekyll serve

You can turn on incremental regeneration with the --incremental flag.

bundle exec jekyll serve --incremental
  1. Go to http://localhost:4000.

Random Notes

  • I wanted to make the game as light as possible. Each page is only 3 requests (1 HTML, 1 CSS, 1 JS) and weighs around 10 Kb (or 4 Kb gzipped). And because browsers will likely cache the JS and CSS, any internal page should only have to download the HTML (around 3 Kb, or 1 Kb gzipped).
  • The game can be played without JavaScript.


MIT Licence