A post-modern boilerplate for C++ project, built on Cmake and Conan with Catch & Spdlog
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A modern boilerplate for C++ project, built on Cmake, Conan with Catch and spdlog.

Now you are browsing the v2 branch! See differences below

Travis Project Status: WIP - Initial development is in progress, but there has not yet been a stable, usable release suitable for the public. license

Test matrix

Distribution Compiler CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Status
Ubuntu 18.04 g++-6 Debug Status
Ubuntu 18.04 g++-6 Release Status
Ubuntu 18.04 g++-7 Debug Status
Ubuntu 18.04 g++-7 Release Status
Ubuntu 18.04 clang++-6 Debug Status
Ubuntu 18.04 clang++-6 Release Status

How to use this

  1. Download this project: git clone --recursive https://github.com/htfy96/cpp-boilerplate.git
  2. Change example in filenames/namespaces under src/, test/ into your_project
  3. Change CMakeLists.txt: example -> your_project
  4. Change .travis.yml: example -> your_project
  5. Change README.md: cpp-boilerplate -> your_project
  6. Enable Travis-CI at https://travis-ci.org
  7. Push & Enjoy it!


Install Conan first

mkdir -p build
cd build
conan -s build_type=Debug --build=missing -s compiler.stdlib=libstdc++11 ..
# For alternative compiler configuration:
# conan -s build_type=Debug -s compiler.stdlib=libstdc++11 --build=missing \
#   -s compiler=gcc -s compiler.version=6 ..
#   OR
# Use Conan configurations (https://docs.conan.io/en/latest/getting_started.html#building-with-other-configurations)
# and specify with conan -pr PATH ..
cmake -Dexample-build_tests=ON \ 
    -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debug ..
# For alternative compiler:
# cmake -Dexample-build_tests=ON \
# ..
make clangformat # to format your files
make -j4
ctest # run tests


Options can be defined with cmake ... -DOPTION_KEY=OPTION_VALUE

Key Possible Values Effect
USE_GOLD_LINKER ON/OFF Use GNU gold linker instead of ld. Only effect if gold is found.
INCREMENT_LINK ON/OFF Use gold linker's --incremental flag to speed up relink speed. Effective only when USE_GOLD_LINKER is specified. Note that this may disable many security protections like relto or PIE. Only use this when working on Really large project.
example-build_tests ON/OFF Build test or not
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Debug/Release/RelWithDebInfo Build type

Differences between master and v2

  • v2 is based on Ubuntu 18.04
  • v2 uses Conan instead of git submodule to manage dependencies
  • v2 uses g++-6/7 and clang++-6, while master uses g++-4.9/5 and clang++-3.8
  • v2 enforces minimal CMake version = 3.9, while master only enforces 3.1
  • v2 includes clang-tidy as an enforced check