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Coherence Repository moved

The Coherence Project's Git repository has moved to https://github.com/coherence-project/

The repository, which used to be places here, was quickly converted from Subversion. It was lacking tags, proper branching, proper branches and even some data. I created it for being able to work on Coherence since write-access to the original Subversion repository at coherence.beebits.net was hard to get.

The new repository was newly converted from Subversion to Git on 2013-08-10 using reposurgeon. The original Coherence multi-project repository has carefully been cleaned up and split into separate repositories for each sub-project. Tags have been restored, merged branches have been deleted. Additionally some merge-edged have been added to express merges which subversion does not see.

Obvious garbage has been removed, esp. build-artifacts like .aux files, .egg-info directories, .pyc files, tar files. Junk commits generated by e.g. remote moves have been removed, commit references have been mapped into a uniform VCS-independent syntax, and some comments edited into summary-plus-continuation form.

I apologize for any inconvenience. If you need assistance for converting your changes to the new repository structure, please drop me a note. I'm quite skilled in doing this :-)