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INSERT INTO plate_types(id,description)
VALUES ('EP', 'Electroporation'),
('EP_PICK', 'ES Cells' ),
('XEP', 'Electroporation With Recombinase Applied' ),
('XEP_PICK', 'ES Cells With Recombinase Applied' ),
('XEP_POOL', 'ES Cells Backup Vial' ),
('SEP', 'Second Allele Electroporation' ),
('SEP_PICK', 'Second Allele ES Cells' ),
('SEP_POOL', 'Second Allele Backup Vial' ),
('SFP', 'Second Allele Freezer Plates' ),
('FP', 'Freezer Plates' );
INSERT INTO process_types(id,description)
VALUES ('clone_pick', 'Pick from EP plate'),
('clone_pool', 'Pool es cells into backup vial'),
('first_electroporation', 'First (standard) electroporation'),
('second_electroporation', 'Second electroporation in double targetted cells'),
('freeze', 'Create freezer plate well');
INSERT INTO primer_band_types(id)
VALUES ('gr1'),
INSERT INTO colony_count_types(id)
VALUES ('blue_colonies'),
INSERT INTO schema_versions(version) VALUES (7);
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