(pre-alpha) Implementation of Jeff Hawkins' Hierarchical Temporal Memory & Cortical Learning Algorithm
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Clortex (pre-alpha)

Important Notice Due to some incredible work by Felix Andrews, Clortex is now being repositioned as a system-level HTM design, with core HTM algorithms implemented in our sister project, Felix' Comportex. We're still working on how to combine our efforts, but it looks like we'll have release-worthy code very soon now..

Let's Use Our Brains and Change the World

For 80 years, we've dreamt of intelligent machines enriching our lives. For most of that time, we've ignored the one example of intelligence we could be studying - the brain. Now, Jeff Hawkins, developer of the Palm Pilot and co-founder of Handspring, is leading a community of researchers, developers and entrepreneurs whose goal is to build intelligent computer systems based on the principles of our own brains.

The Clortex Project is building a new kind of software for machine intelligence. With Hawkins' Hierarchical Temporal Memory and Cortical Learning Algorithm at its heart, Clortex is a window into the amazing power of the human brain, and a real-world system for using that power to solve your own problems.

Clortex is an ambitious Open Source project to apply the latest techniques in modern software development to Jeff Hawkins theories. Building on and complimenting the 8 years of research and development which has gone into the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing (NuPIC), Clortex aims to bring machine intelligence to every device and give everyone access to the promise of intelligent computing.

Together with Hawkins' NuPIC community (see Numenta.org), you can join in this effort to understand how the brain works and build real software which solves real problems.

Let's use our brains and change the world!

About Clortex

See the docs for more details or my blog for background.

Clortex is a reimagining and reimplementation of Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing (NuPIC), the Open Source project released by Numenta, the company founded by Jeff to make his theories a practical and commercial reality. NuPIC is a mature, excellent and useful software platform, with a vibrant community, so please join us at Numenta.org.

Warning: pre-alpha software. This project is only beginning, and everything you see here will eventually be thrown away as we develop better ways to do things. The design and the APIs are subject to drastic change without notice.

Clortex is Open Source software, released under the GPL Version 3 (see the end of this README). You are free to use, copy, modify, and redistribute this software according to the terms of that license.

Numenta have a dual license for their CLA-HTM technology. If you're interested in a commercial license for NuPIC, visit Numenta.com and they'll be happy to talk.

Latest Demos (work in progress)


Talk at EuroClojure 2014, Kraków, Poland


More Information

How Can I Help?

Clortex is just part of a growing effort to realise the potential of Machine Intelligence based on the principles of the brain.

  • Visit the Numenta.org site for videos, white papers, details of the NuPIC mailing list, wikis, etc.
  • Have a look at (and optionally pre-purchase) my Leanpub.com book: Real Machine Intelligence with Clortex and NuPIC.
  • Join the Clortex Google Group for discussion and updates.
  • We'll be launching an Indiegogo campaign during Fall 2014 to fund completion of Clortex, please let us know if you're interested in supporting us when we launch.


Copyright © 2014 Fergal Byrne, Brenter IT and the NuPIC Community

Distributed under the GNU Public Licence, Version 3 http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html, same as NuPIC.