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HTM In The Cloud (HITC)

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This application provides a REST API for use with Nupic. Currently, it is meant to be deployed on Heroku.


Get a local instance working for testing purposes by cloning this repository and running run.

Once you've tested it out locally, you can deploy to heroku:

  1. Install the heroku toolbelt
  2. In the root directory of this project, run heroku create --stack cedar This will give the git repo a remote repo for heroku
  3. Run:
 git push heroku master
 heroku scale web=1
 heroku ps # to see if it's running
 heroku logs -t

Your API should be ready to go!


All methods return a JSON response, if a method required a GUID (globally unique identifier), and there is no model associated with it, a 404 error will be returned.

While still in development the REST API is as follows:



Creates a model,


Takes a dict of arguments in with the following fields:

  • guid: an optional name for the model, by default a UUID4 will be generated. The guid must be unique.
  • predictedField: the field to be predicted
  • modelParams: the nupic model parameters to be used. If none are provided, default parameters are provided based on those from the hot gym anomaly detection.

A JSON object containing the GUID of the model and parameters used.


Gets a list of all models and their associated information.


A JSON list of JSON objects containing:

  • The GUID of the model
  • The parameters used for the mdoel
  • The predicted field
  • The number of input records processed
  • The last input record processed
  • The temporal field if it exists


If the GUID is not found, a 404 error will be returned



Details of the model (same format as GET /models)


Deletes the model


404 if no such model exists. The body will be a JSON object with:

  • success: true if model was deleted, false otherwise
  • guid: the guid of the model to deleted


Run data through a model


Takes a list of objects or a single object. If using a datetime field, then they must be pushed in chronological order. Each input object must have those fields given in the parameters. Timestamp must be an integer or float that is a unix timestamp.


Returns the output of the nupic model:

  • anomaly score
  • prediction
  • likelihood


Resets a model

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