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Visualizations supporting HTM School
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Work In Progress!

This project is under very heavy development and will change drastically with no warning.

HTM School Visualizations

These are supporting visualizations for the HTM School educational video series.

Here is a guide to running the complete HTM School Visualization Suite.


This is a web application with a Nodejs server and a JavaScript frontend.



  • Lodash
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery UI
  • Handlebars
  • Moment


Generate static content from cell-viz

There are 2 options:

  • Permanent link: ln -s static/js/third/dyson-bundle.js YOUR_PATH/cell-viz/out/dyson.js This is a permanent solution, just need to update the webpack in cell-viz later on.
  • Generate the file: go to cd YOUR_PATH/cell-viz/, generate: webpack --output-path OTHER_PATH/htm-school-viz/static/js/third --output-filename dyson-bundle.js


Install npm requirements:

npm install


REQUIREMENT: This server depends on the nupic-history-server 0.0.1 running on PORT 8080. You must have that server running for any spatial pooler visualizations to work (ep. 7+).

Now start this server on any port you like:

npm start 8001

View on http://localhost:8001/.


Notes about the episodes.

  • Ep. 10, ep. 11: need to generate the webpack static content from cell-viz
  • Ep. 10: You appear too close to the scene, press s to zoom-out. Currently works only in Chrome/Chromium browsers
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