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## Default arch. Pass in like "--build-arg arch=arm64".
# Supports Debian arches: amd64, arm64, etc.
# Our circleci arm64 build uses this specifically.
## To run a build using this file locally, do:
# docker run --privileged --rm -it multiarch/qemu-user-static:register
# docker build -t htm-arm64-docker --build-arg arch=arm64 .
# docker run -it htm-arm64-docker
#target compile arch
ARG arch=arm64
#host HW arch
ARG host=amd64
## Stage 0: deboostrap: setup cross-compile env
FROM multiarch/qemu-user-static as bootstrap
ARG arch
ARG host
RUN echo "Switching from $host to $arch" && uname -a
## Stage 1: build of htm.core on the target platform
# Multiarch Debian 10 Buster (amd64, arm64, etc).
FROM multiarch/alpine:${arch}-latest-stable as build
ARG arch
#copy value of ARG arch from above
RUN echo "Building HTM for${arch}" && uname -a
RUN apk add --update \
cmake \
make \
g++ \
git \
python3-dev \
ADD . /usr/local/src/htm.core
WORKDIR /usr/local/src/htm.core
# Setup py env
#! RUN python3 -m venv pyenv && . pyenv/bin/activate && python --version
RUN ln -s /usr/bin/python3 /usr/local/bin/python && python --version
RUN python -m pip install --upgrade setuptools pip wheel
# Install
RUN python -m pip uninstall -y htm.core
RUN python -m pip install \
# Explicitly specify --cache-dir, --build, and --no-clean so that build
# artifacts may be extracted from the container later. Final built python
# packages can be found in /usr/local/src/htm.core/bindings/py/dist
# --cache-dir /usr/local/src/htm.core/pip-cache \
# --build /usr/local/src/htm.core/pip-build \
# --no-clean \
-r requirements.txt
RUN mkdir -p build/scripts && \
cd build/scripts && \
cmake ../.. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DBINDING_BUILD=Python3 && \
make -j4 && make install
RUN python install --force
# Test
#RUN python test #Note, if you get weird import errors here,
# do `git clean -xdf` in your host system, and rerun the docker
## Stage 2: create release packages (for PyPI, GH Releases)
RUN python bdist_wheel
RUN cd build/scripts && \
make install && \
make package
RUN mkdir dist && \
cp -a build/scripts/*.tar.gz dist && \
cp -a build/Release/distr/dist/*.whl dist && \
ls -l dist
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