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When you login, you should have two basic options 1. Log an interaction 2. Review who needs an interaction

Contact App To Do

  1. I want to see who is overdue for some love
  2. I want to add an interaction for a person
  3. I want to add a few more people
  • add search

  • if no interactions, grey out the row

  • make rows sortable

  • Update the queue view to show you if your out of date with the contact

  • mobile layout

  • NLP for date

  • fix the datetime to render human readable

  • need a way to view and navigate by tags

    • when in tag view, need a way to add a new contact and have the tag defaulted in the form field
  • when signing up, drop person directly into creating an interaction

  • autocomplete on tags

  • show tags in the index pages and make them clickable


  • send a weekly email roundup of people you might want to try and hit up

  • import contacts?

  • add twitter signup/integration

  • add search for contacts

  • add a larger range of years for first met

  • add pagination

  • edit interactions

  • put interaction in a modal

  • put contact in a modal

  • add contact photos -> maybe import from facebook/twitter friends?

  • fix URL's so we aren't showing ID's

  • relate one contact to another, to show how you met someone.. useful?