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Flexi is a responsive-design layout framework like Bootstrap and Foundation. Flexi is focused on performance and maintainability, utilizing Ember for greater configuration and convenience than Bootstrap or Foundation can offer.

Flexi does most of it's heavy lifting at build time, happily adding very little runtime code and CSS to your project.

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ember install flexi

That's all that required if you're using the classic component layout. If you are using a pod-based structure you will also need to install the shim for ember-app. This is done by modifiying your ember-cli-build.js file. This shim makes ember-cli's template tree able to find the templates for layouts.

var EmberApp = require('ember-cli/lib/broccoli/ember-app');
var shim = require('@html-next/flexi-layouts/lib/pod-templates-shim');


Support, Questions, Collaboration

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  • Open an Issue for discussion first if you're unsure a feature/fix is wanted.
  • Branch off of master (default branch)
  • Use descriptive branch names (e.g. <type>/<short-description>)
  • Use Angular Style Commits
  • PR against master (default branch).


Angular Style commit messages have the full form:

<type>(<scope>): <title>



But the abbreviated form (below) is acceptable and often preferred.

<type>(<scope>): <title>


  • chore(deps): bump deps in package.json and bower.json
  • docs(component): document the fast-action component


A special thanks goes out to @ebryn for the inspiration to pursue a solution for explicit layouts, and IsleofCode for providing the time to built it.