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Flexi is a responsive-design layout framework like Bootstrap and Foundation. Flexi is focused on performance and maintainability, utilizing Ember for greater configuration and convenience than soluions like Bootstrap or Foundation could offer.

Flexi is also unopinionated about your CSS. You can configure it to utilize your existing CSS, or the CSS of any design framework.

Flexi does most of it's heavy lifting at build time, happily adding very little runtime code and little-to-no CSS to your project.

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Release Notes



  • Open an Issue for discussion first if you're unsure a feature/fix is wanted.
  • Branch off of main (default branch)
  • Use descriptive branch names (e.g. <type>/<short-description>)
  • PR against main (default branch).


A special thanks goes out to @ebryn for the inspiration to pursue a solution for explicit layouts, and IsleofCode for providing the time to build the original implementation.