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The idea is to have "comments contructor", a set of plugins to make comments exactly that you need with configuration as simple as posible.
Currently there are basic comments functionality without any plugin.
Controller extensions are currently missing in this repository.
In order to use this plugin you need also install "belongs_to_anything" and "hash4hash" plugins from my repositories
script/generate comments migration
rake db:migrate
Put next code snippet in ApplicationController
before_filter :save_comment_if_there_is_one
def save_comment_if_there_is_one
if params[:comment]
result = Comments::Manager::create_comment(params[:comment])
redirect_to :back if result === true
if result
@comment = result
If you want to have comments associated with some controller action simply put
<%= display_comments %> somewhere on the page.
You can also use comments with activerecord instances.
@article = Article.first
<%= comments_for @article %>
Copyright (c) 2010 Olexiy Zamkoviy, released under the MIT license