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(defpackage :gol-gl-frontend
(:use #:cl #:cl-opengl #:cl-glu #:cl-glut #:gol)
(:export #:run)
(:shadow #:get-string #:close #:get #:special))
(in-package :gol-gl-frontend)
(defparameter *cells* nil)
(defparameter *new-cells nil)
(defparameter *chooser-coords* (list 0 0))
(defparameter *generation-timer* (get-internal-real-time))
(defparameter *paused* nil)
(defparameter *window-size* nil)
(defparameter *extreme-points* nil)
(defparameter *extreme-points-grow* nil)
(defparameter *display-borders-counter* 0)
(defparameter *generation-timer-timeout* 1)
(defparameter *fix-coords* t)
(defun center-view()
(gl:matrix-mode :projection) ; select the projection matrix
(gl:load-identity) ; reset the matrix
;;(glu:perspective 45 (/ width (max height 1)) 1/10 100)
(let* ((diam (* (apply #'max (mapcar #'abs
(extreme-coord *cells* :up)
(extreme-coord *cells* :down)
(extreme-coord *cells* :left)
(extreme-coord *cells* :right)))) 1))
(aspect (apply #'/ *window-size*))
(left (- diam))
(right diam)
(top (- diam))
(bottom diam))
(if (< aspect 1)
(setf bottom (/ bottom aspect))
(setf top (/ top aspect)))
(setf left (* left aspect))
(setf right (* right aspect))))
(gl:ortho left right top bottom 1 1000))
(gl:matrix-mode :modelview)
(defun set-glider()
(setf (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix)
'((nil t nil)
(nil nil t)
(t t t)))
(setf (slot-value *cells* 'cells-x-out) 0)
(setf (slot-value *cells* 'cells-y-out) 0)
(setf *chooser-coords* (list 0 0)))
(defun update-generation()
(let ((old-extreme-points nil))
(dolist (way (list :up :down :left :right))
(let ((old-coord (getf *extreme-points* way))
(new-coord (gol:extreme-coord *cells* way)))
(setf (getf old-extreme-points way) new-coord)
(setf (getf *extreme-points* way) new-coord)))
(gol:next-generation *cells*)
(dolist (way (list :up :down :left :right))
(let ((old-coord (getf old-extreme-points way)))
(setf (getf *extreme-points-grow* way)
(if (or (null old-coord) (= old-coord (gol:extreme-coord *cells* way)))
(if (> old-coord (gol:extreme-coord *cells* way)) -1 1))))))
(defun display-cells()
(gl:line-width 1)
(do-cells *cells*
(let ((x gol::x)(y gol::y)(cell gol::cell))
(gl:translate x (- y) 0)
(gl:color 0.2 0.2 0.2)
(glut:wire-cube 1)
(gl:color 1.0 1.0 1.0)
(if cell
(glut:solid-sphere 0.5 50 50)))))
(if (and (>= (- (get-internal-real-time) *generation-timer*) (* *generation-timer-timeout* internal-time-units-per-second)) (not *paused*))
(defun display-chooser()
(gl:color 0.0 1.0 0.0)
(gl:translate (first *chooser-coords*) (- (second *chooser-coords*)) 1)
(glut:solid-torus 0.1 0.3 4 20)))
(defun display-borders()
(gl:color 1.0 1.0 0.0)
(gl:line-width 2)
(gl:with-primitives :line-strip
(incf *display-borders-counter*)
(unless (null *extreme-points*)
(let* ((lambda (lambda (way fun)(funcall fun (gol:extreme-coord *cells* way)
(getf *extreme-points* way)
(* *display-borders-counter* (/ (getf *extreme-points-grow* way) 100))
(up (+ (- (funcall lambda :up #'max)) 0.5))
(down (+ (- (funcall lambda :down #'min)) 0.5))
(left (- (funcall lambda :left #'max) 0.5))
(right (- (funcall lambda :right #'min) 0.5)))
(dolist (i (list (list up left) (list up right) (list down right) (list down left) (list up left)))
(gl:vertex (second i) (first i) 1)))))))
(defun update-generation-timer()
(setf *display-borders-counter* 0)
(setf *generation-timer* (get-internal-real-time)))
(defun toggle-pause()
(if *paused* (update-generation-timer))
(setf *paused* (not *paused*)))
(defun pixel->coords(left top)
(multiple-value-list (glu:un-project left top (aref (gl:read-pixels left top 1 1 :depth-component :float) 0))))
(defun display-pause-status()
(let* ((width (first *window-size*))
(height (second *window-size*))
(radius (- (first (pixel->coords 50 0)) (first (pixel->coords 0 0)))))
(gl:color 1.0 1.0 .0)
(gl:rotate 90 0 1 0)
(let ((width (- width (/ width 10)))
(height (- height (/ height 10))))
(if (not *paused*)
(apply #'gl:translate (pixel->coords width height))
(glut:solid-cube radius))
(apply #'gl:translate (pixel->coords (- width 25) height))
(glut:solid-cone (/ radius 2) radius 10 50)))))))
(defun add-row(way)
(let ((row (lambda() (list (make-list (length (first (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix))))))))
(case way
(:up (setf (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix) (append (funcall row) (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix)))
(incf (slot-value *cells* 'cells-y-out)))
(:down (setf (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix) (append (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix) (funcall row))))
(:left (setf (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix) (mapcar (lambda (item) (append (list nil) item)) (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix)))
(incf (slot-value *cells* 'cells-x-out)))
(:right (setf (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix) (mapcar (lambda (item) (append item (list nil))) (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix)))))))
(defun remove-row(way)
(case way
(when (> (y-size *cells*) 1)
(pop (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix))
(decf (slot-value *cells* 'cells-y-out))
(if (chooser-out-of-bounds-p) (incf (second *chooser-coords*)))))
(when (> (y-size *cells*) 1)
(setf (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix) (butlast (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix)))
(if (chooser-out-of-bounds-p) (decf (second *chooser-coords*)))))
(when (> (x-size *cells*) 1)
(setf (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix) (mapcar #'cdr (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix)))
(if (chooser-out-of-bounds-p) (incf (first *chooser-coords*)))))
(when (> (x-size *cells*) 1)
(setf (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix) (mapcar #'butlast (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix)))
(if (chooser-out-of-bounds-p) (decf (first *chooser-coords*)))))))
(defun chooser-out-of-bounds-p()
(< (second *chooser-coords*) (extreme-coord *cells* :up))
(> (second *chooser-coords*) (extreme-coord *cells* :down))
(< (first *chooser-coords*) (extreme-coord *cells* :left))
(> (first *chooser-coords*) (extreme-coord *cells* :right))))
(defun move-chooser(way)
(case way
(:down (if (>= (incf (second *chooser-coords*)) (extreme-coord *cells* :down)) (add-row :down)))
(:up (if (< (decf (second *chooser-coords*)) (extreme-coord *cells* :up)) (add-row :up)))
(:right (if (>= (incf (first *chooser-coords*)) (extreme-coord *cells* :right)) (add-row :right)))
(:left (if (< (decf (first *chooser-coords*)) (extreme-coord *cells* :left)) (add-row :left)))))
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; OPENGL DEFS ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(defclass cube-window (glut:window)
(:default-initargs :width 500 :height 500 :title "cube.lisp"
:mode '(:double :rgb :depth)))
(defmethod glut:display-window :before ((w cube-window))
(gl:light :light0 :position #(5.0 5.0 10.0 0.0))
(gl:enable :lighting :light0 :depth-test)
(gl:enable :lighting)
(gl:color-material :front-and-back :ambient-and-diffuse)
(gl:enable :color-material)
(gl:clear-color 0 0 0 0))
(defmethod glut:display ((w cube-window))
(gl:clear :color-buffer :depth-buffer)
(gl:load-identity) ; clear the matrix
;; viewing transformation
(glu:look-at 0 0 (* (max (x-size *cells*) (y-size *cells*)) 2) 0 0 0 0 2 0)
;; modeling transformation
(gl:scale 1 1 1)
(if *fix-coords*
(gl:translate (- (- (/ (x-size *cells*) 2) (slot-value *cells* 'cells-x-out))) (- (/ (y-size *cells*) 2) (slot-value *cells* 'cells-y-out)) 0))
(defmethod glut:idle ((window cube-window))
(defmethod glut:reshape ((w cube-window) width height)
(setf *window-size* (list width height))
(gl:viewport 0 0 width height)
(defun setxycell-by-chooser-coords()
(setxycell (first *chooser-coords*) (second *chooser-coords*) *cells* (not (gol:xycell (first *chooser-coords*) (second *chooser-coords*) *cells*))))
(defun clear-cells()
(let ((length (length (first (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix)))))
(dotimes (i (length (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix)))
(setf (nth i (slot-value *cells* 'cells-matrix)) (make-list length))))
(defun go-if-paused()
(if *paused* (toggle-pause)))
(defun stop-if-not-paused()
(unless *paused* (toggle-pause)))
(defmethod glut:keyboard ((w cube-window) key x y)
(declare (ignore x y))
(move-chooser (case key
(#\w :up)
(#\s :down)
(#\d :right)
(#\a :left)))
(add-row (case key
(#\t :up)
(#\b :down)
(#\l :left)
(#\r :right)))
(remove-row (case key
(#\T :up)
(#\B :down)
(#\L :left)
(#\R :right)))
(if (equal key #\Esc)
(case key
(#\f (setf *fix-coords* (not *fix-coords*)))
((#\+ #\=) (setf *generation-timer-timeout* (/ *generation-timer-timeout* 2)) (go-if-paused))
(#\- (setf *generation-timer-timeout* (* *generation-timer-timeout* 2))(go-if-paused))
(#\g (set-glider))
(#\n (update-generation))
(#\c (clear-cells))
(#\Space (toggle-pause))
(#\Return (setxycell-by-chooser-coords))
(#\Esc )
(t (format t "Unknown key pressed ~A~%" key)))
(defmethod glut:special ((window cube-window) special-key x y)
(declare (ignore x y))
(move-chooser (case special-key
(:key-up :up)
(:key-down :down)
(:key-left :left)
(:key-right :right)))
#+l(defmethod glut:mouse ((w cube-window) button state x y)
(format t "~A~%" (list w button state x y)))
(defun run-game-of-life()
(glut:display-window (make-instance 'cube-window)))
(defun run ()
"Run application"
(let ((glut:*run-main-loop-after-display* nil)(*cells* (make-live-cells '((nil t nil) (nil nil t) (t t t)))))