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Powerful shell for rapidly deploying your WordPress projects.

Getting Started with HTML5 Blank

  • Go to the Wordpress' theme folder (.../wp-content/themes)
  • In CLI, run: git clone
  • cd html5blank and then npm install (you'll need gulp installed as well)
  • gulp watch will enable livereload and development version
  • gulp build for distribute version with minified js and css files
  • NOTE: src and dist folders can live happily together inside the same folder (html5blank) that's inside the theme folder. You'll have two different instances of the theme within Appearance > Themes panel inside the admin

Get involved! Make HTML5 Blank better

Help make the code better by submitting a pull request or open an issue.



  • Basic Semantic HTML5 Markup
  • W3C Valid Code Foundations
  • Responsive Ready, ViewPort meta data
  • HTML Class support for IE7, IE8, IE9 Conditionals (HTML5 Boilerplate)
  • Clean, neatly organized code, with PHP annotations

jQuery + JavaScript

  • Replaced built-in WordPress enqueue with Google CDN
  • Protocol relative jQuery if Google CDN offline (HTML5 Boilerplate)
  • Conditionizr for cross-platform/device detects and enhancements
  • Modernizr feature detection, HTML5 element support for legacy, progressive enhancement (HTML5 Boilerplate)
  • DOM Ready JavaScript file setup (scripts.js) for instant JavaScript development
  • JavaScript files enqueued using WordPress functions into wp_head


  • HTML5 Boilerplate reset
  • Media Queries framework for instant development using @media
  • @font-face empty framework with Fonts folder setup ready for new custom fonts
  • CSS3 custom selection styles
  • Inline print styles (HTML5 Boilerplate)
  • Body element config, including Optimize Legibility for kerning and font-smoothing
  • Replaced focus styles to avoid blue blur in field elements, replaced with border
  • Stylesheet enqueued using WordPress functions into wp_head

Preloaded Functions (functions.php)

  • Enqueue Scripts functions setup
  • Enqueue Styles functions setup
  • Dynamic WordPress Menu Navigation Support, preloaded with 3 Dynamic menus
  • Cleaned up dynamic nav output (Remove outer 'div')
  • Remove all injected classes from nav items, ID's, Page ID's
  • Custom Post Type x1 preloaded for demonstration, supporting: Category, Tags, Post Thumbnails, Excerpts
  • Dynamic Sidebar with x2 Widget Areas, and sidebar.php setup
  • WordPress Thumbnail Support, no Plugin image cropping, custom Arrays and Thumbnail settings
  • Custom Excerpt callbacks, with changeable callback numbers
  • Replaced 'Read More' button for custom Excerpt callbacks
  • Demo Shortcodes included, with Nested Shortcode capability
  • Add Slug to body class (Starkers Theme credit)
  • wp_head functions stripped right down, remove excess injected junk
  • All functions annotated, categorized into sections, filters, actions, shortcodes etc.
  • Space for development, neatly organized code with Modules/External files

Theme Files and Functionality

  • Built in Pagination, no plugins (strips out prev + next post and gives page numbers)
  • Optimized Google Analytics in footer (HTML5 Boilerplate)
  • Widget Area Sidebar support, functions in place to get developing
  • Custom Search Form included (searchform.php) - fully editable
  • Tags support for showing Post Tags
  • Category support for showing the Category of post
  • Author support showing the author
  • Demo Custom Page Template for expansion


Thanks to all the awesome contributors!