Google Chrome App Framework to Inject <iframe> content into a Google+ Hangout - written with Dojo
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The original Collabo project was conceived at an HTML5 hackathon at Google Headquarters.  The concept was to inject a project called Draw It Live by Luis Montes into a Google+ Hangout to allow for collaborative drawing within the Hangout.

The idea has been evolving and Collabo is going to become a framework to allow for any type of content to be injected into a Google+ Hangout.

This framework is designed to work as a packaged Chrome Web Store App where the javascript interacts with the DOM whenever a Google+ Hangout is loaded.

The original code this framework is based on was created by Mohamed Mansour (, but it is almost completely rewritten with the Dojo framework in order to get around some buggy things.

There are many improvements that need to be made, but I figured this needed to be hosted on github.

Hope you can do something with this,