Restoration of defocused and blurred photos/images
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The SmartDeblur is a tool for restoration of defocused and blurred images.
Written on C++ using Qt 4.8.
Algorithm based on several deconvolution technics (Wiener, Tikhonov, Total Variation prior). Supported defect types:

  • Out of Focus blur (with kernel deep tuning)
  • Motion blur
  • Gaussian blur
SmartDeblur uses the FFTW library which provides fast fourier tranformation implementation.
See for details. All source files are under the GPL v3 license.

Author: Vladimir Yuzhikov (


Main Window: Main Window


  • High speed. Processing of an image with the size of 2048*1500 pixels takes about 300ms in the Preview mode (when adjustment sliders can move). But high-quality processing may take a few minutes
  • Real-time parameters changes applying (without any preview button)
  • Full resolution processing (without small preview window)
  • Deep tuning of kernel parameters
  • Easy and friendly user interface
  • Help screen with image example
  • Deconvolution methods: Wiener, Tikhonov, Total Variation prior


Version 1.27:


SmartDeblur is provided under the GPL v3 license