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Repo not maintained. Proceed with caution or refer to

##Happy to transfer ownership if you want to maintain a fork.

jQuery based WYSIWYG-editor, official author's website:

This is a codebase mirror hosted here for your, my dear Githubbers', convenience.

If you found and issue, please submit it here:


Redactor in action



  • Aleksey Baranov and Imperavi LLC.

Optimization and improvement

  • Сергей Демчук
  • Павел Ясинский


  • Brazilian portuguese — Guilherme Gondim
  • Ukrainian — Ганич Тарас
  • Polish — Юрий Сладковский
  • Latvian — Максим Солдатёнок
  • German — Volodymyr Atapin


Starting with version 7.6.2 redactor-js is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license

For commercial use please buy license here: or use earlier version.