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  1. html5lib-python html5lib-python Public

    Standards-compliant library for parsing and serializing HTML documents and fragments in Python

    Python 1.1k 277

  2. html5lib-tests html5lib-tests Public

    Testsuite data for html5lib, including the de-facto standard HTML parsing tests.

    Python 182 104

  3. html5lib-php html5lib-php Public

    PHP port of html5lib, currently unmaintained.

    PHP 95 69

  4. html5lib-ruby html5lib-ruby Public

    Ruby port of html5lib, currently unmaintained.

    Ruby 7 3

  5. gcode-import gcode-import Public

    Automatically exported from Purely archival.

    HTML 7 8

  6. Public

    html5lib now has its very own website!



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