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conf/locale japanese language file compiled
content Merge pull request #1351 from Virtual-Jasper/patch-1
customtags Removing ScrollTo on table of contents, it goes against everything we…
database Fixes #1331 - adding Rob into the DB
html5lib Moving repo to github
reports Adding overdue articles report.
scripts Adding in to deploy script
static Merge pull request #1346 from gasp/patch-screenshot
templates Adding theme color
webappfieldguide #1157 adding 2nd referal id to GA
.gitattributes whitespace config: gitattributes.
.gitconfig add gitconfig to resolve whitespace issues.
.gitignore replace 회전율 -> 변동
.rvmrc Adding deploy stuff
.travis.yml Removing branch Automatically updating the calendar Update
LICENSE licenese Update
Makefile removing `zh` from `Makefile` added by mistake
NOTICE Update NOTICE Update Update Update
app.yaml Removing version name
cache.appcache Updates appcache Updating handler ofr py2.7
features.yaml Moving repo to github
html5rocks-hrd.p12.enc Moving naming aroound
index.yaml Moving repo to github Merge the latest update and resolved the conflicts. Prop namespacing Moving repo to github hotfix: revive wrong translation of code 'ko'

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