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conf/locale Update django.po
content Update the service worker tutotorial with new stuff that has been rel…
customtags Removing ScrollTo on table of contents, it goes against everything we…
database Merge pull request #1377 from Theodeus/master
html5lib Fixing weird status/diff that resists core.fileMode and core.autocrlf
reports Adding overdue articles report.
scripts Adding in to deploy script
static adding Heather
templates Adding theme color
webappfieldguide #1157 adding 2nd referal id to GA
.gitattributes whitespace config: gitattributes.
.gitconfig add gitconfig to resolve whitespace issues.
.gitignore replace 회전율 -> 변동
.rvmrc Adding deploy stuff
.travis.yml Removing branch Automatically updating the calendar Update
LICENSE licenese Update
Makefile removing `zh` from `Makefile` added by mistake
NOTICE Update NOTICE Update Update Update
app.yaml Removing version name
cache.appcache Updates appcache Updating handler ofr py2.7
features.yaml Moving repo to github
html5rocks-hrd.p12.enc Moving naming aroound
index.yaml Moving repo to github Merge the latest update and resolved the conflicts. Prop namespacing Moving repo to github hotfix: revive wrong translation of code 'ko'

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