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I recently wrote a small lighting engine in JavaScript called Flat Surface Shader and Open Sourced it on GitHub here. You can also see a demo of it here.

In the last 6 months, I have been spending a lot of time programming in 3D, WebGL, GLSL and writing my own Shaders to work with three.js. In my opinion and through my own experiences, 3D and lighting math is pretty intimidating and takes a while to wrap your head around.

I would like to write an article that walks the reader through the steps required to calculate and simulate basic lighting from scratch – no library. In this entry, I intend on covering aspects of 3D engine architecture and optimisation – without going to the extent of creating a full scene graph nor coving matrix math. I want to keep it as simple as possible and only use 3D Vector math for everything. This will essentially be a writeup of my FSS engine.

Many Thanks,

Matthew Wagerfield @mwagerfield


paullewis commented Mar 26, 2013

No need to reinvent the wheel dude. I don't see how a developer would get into this over using Three.js. I get the learning aspect (as you know) but this type of engine is not a good fit for most of the HTML5 Rocks audience. If you want to do an article on lighting with Three.js or advanced shader techniques that could be interesting.

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