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OpenHAB HomeKit Bridge

OpenHAB HomeKit Bridge bridges openHAB items to Apple´s HomeKit Accessory Protocol. It is based on hap-nodejs.

Watch the demo video here and Siri controlling roller shutters here.

  • openHAB server running with at least one Switch item configured
  • node.js 0.12.x, 4.0.x or 4.1.x
  • an iOS device running iOS 8 or 9
  • an iOS app for modifying the HomeKit database (like elgato eve)
  • this repository
Install the OpenHAB HomeKit Bridge:
  • On non OS X systems install the avahi library:

    sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev

  • Install the node module dependencies:

    npm update

  • Create a custom sitemap which lists all items you want to control with HomeKit:

    sitemap demo label="HomeKit" {
      # Lightbulb (On/Off), SwitchItem is always a lightbulb. See Frames for outlets.
      Switch item=DemoSwitch label="Toggle Switch"
      # Dimmer items (On/Off, Brightness)
      Slider item=DimmedLight label="Dimmed Light" switchSupport
      # RGB light items (On/Off, Brightness, Hue, Saturation)
      Colorpicker item=RGBLight icon="slider"
      # Rollershutter/Blinds
      Switch item=Shutter_GF_Living
      # Temperature sensor, value is taken from label
      Text item=Temperature_GF_Living label="Livingroom [%.1f °C]"
      Frame label="outlet" icon="outlet" { # Outlets must be configured in a Frame.
        Switch item=Outlet_GF_Living label="Radio"


The following mapping of openHAB items and HomeKit items apply:

openHAB item | sitemap item | HomeKit item | Functions
Switch | Switch | Lightbulb | On/Off
Dimmer | Slider | Lightbulb | On/Off, Brightness
Color | Colorpicker | Lightbulb | On/Off, Brightness, Hue, Saturation
Rollershutter | Switch | Rollershutter | Opening state 0% - 100%
Number | Text | Temperature | temp in °C
Switch | Frame* + Switch | Outlet | On/Off

\* The Frame must be tagged with `label=outlet` and/or `icon=outlet` to let the bridge pick up its Switch items as outlets.

##### Run OpenHAB HomeKit Bridge
This connects to OpenHAB at on port 8080 and loads all items from a sitemap named 'demo.sitemap':

`npm start -- --name "myOpenHAB-Bridge" --server --sitemap demo`

###### Command line options:

<dt>-n, --name</dt>
<dd>The name of the bridge as shown in the HomeKit database. _This option is mandatory._ </dd>
<dt>-s, --server</dt>
<dd>The network address and port of the OpenHAB server as ```ip:port```. Defaults to</dd>
<dt>-p, --pincode</dt>
<dd>The pincode used for the bridge accessory. Defaults to 031-45-154.</dd>
<dt>-m, --sitemap</dt>
<dd>The name of the sitemap to load all items from. Items must not be nested in frames or groups. Defaults to 'homekit'.</dd>

To access the bridge from an iOS device (9.0+) use Apples [HomeKit Catalog 2.0]( demo application or a vendor app like elgato´s eve (see _Prerequisites_). Use the predefined pin code _031-45-154_ to add the bridge as an accessory.

You may use the `` to create your own simple start up script. This gives you at least simple logging output and debugging possibilities in case the bridge runs in the background.

##### Running Tests

To execute unit tests run

`npm test`

To produce test coverage output run

`npm run-script coverage`

##### Known issues
* iOS HomeKit may not delete the bridge properly from its database. In this case the bridge can neither be connected nor added again. Delete the _persist_ folder and restart the bridge with a new name using the 'name' option.

##### Backlog/ToDo
* Distinguish between switches and lights when adding SwitchItems -> see [Issue 29](
* Implement Rollershutter -> see [Issue 7](


Bridging OpenHAB items to the HomeKit Accessory Protocol







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