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Playing HTML5 audio on the Raspberry Pi since 1911.
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1911 Player


1911 player -- playing HTML5 audio on the Raspberry Pi since 1911.

Borrowed some javascript code from the Go HTML5 Player but with less pain in the butt so it works with the Pi without bogging it down.


Compile nginx with JSON directory listing here.

Then do ./configure; make; make install

It doesn't generate deb packages correctly yet, so someone help me changing the rules or whatever files needed please?

Then install it on your Pi. Setup whatever way you want. Then create a music directory, let's call it /f/ where you put all your files in. Then do something like this:

location  /f/  {
    autoindex  on;

Then clone the 1911 player somewhere accessible, change the path declaration on index.html, and you're good to go.

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