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Huan's Public Bittorrent Sync + Webkit Chumby release

You would have to do all the customizations on on-device folder.

Edit network_config for your wifi network if you want to connect the Chumby to your wifi network. The sample config files are on on_device/psp. Copy .sample to create our own.

You will need to modify at least network_config and htpasswd for this whole thing to work.

If you need to mount a nfs share, edit nfsmount accordingly.

Then, use ./ to pack the new update pack, it will unpack the usual chumby stuff overlay our customizations on top of it.

Copy the copy-to-flash-drive folder to the ROOT of a USB flash drive.

Plug the USB flash drive to the back of the chumby and press THE SCREEN when the chumby is booting up. You'll be presented with a choice of upgrading the chumby.