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Update history

  • 1.0.3 using UTF8 to encode HTTP response header: fix can not encode Chinese char
  • 1.1.0 defasync and async HTTP client clojure API
  • 1.1.1 HTTP client: allow custom ACCEPT_ENCODING, default gzip, deflate
  • 1.1.3 Better syntax for defasync
  • 1.1.6 WebSocket support
  • 1.2 Fix content-type for multipart/form-data

2.0-rc1 (2013/1/20)

HTTP server:

  1. Support HTTP/1.0 keep-alive
  2. Better error reporting
  3. Better serving larget file(mmap),
  4. :queue-size option to protect high traffic web server
  5. API redisign: async-response and if-ws-request for better flexibility

HTTP client:

  1. API redesign: by using promise and callback, support both sync and async call
  2. Timeout per request
  3. Support keep-alive

2.0-rc2 (2013/2/2)

  1. package rename me.shenfeng.http => org.httpkit
  2. using semantic version
  3. more unit test

HTTP client:

  1. :filter option and max-body-filter
  2. fix potential deadlock: in async request's callback, a sync request is issued
  3. fix url double percent encoding issue
  4. fix deflated body is not properly decompressed
  5. fix keep-alive issue, add unit test to make sure it always works as expected
  6. :body can be nil, string, file, inputstream, iseq, just as ring response's body

HTTP server:

  1. properly pass :head and other method for :request-method
  2. save memory when decoding request by using a reasonable buffer size, increase as necessary

2.0-rc2 (2013/2/8)

  1. cancelable timer service to allow efficient schedule job for the future
  2. fix a possible IndexOutOfBoundsException when writing websocket response

2.0-rc2 (2013/2/9)

  1. fix a possible CPU 100% usage

2.0.0 (2013/3/29)

  1. Unify WebSocket and HTTP long polling/streaming with Channel protocol and with-channel (API breaks with the RC)
  2. WebSocket support sending and receiving binary frame with byte[]
  3. Support HTTP streaming
  4. WebSocket message ordering is guaranteed by server
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