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Tabroom API

This API is designed to scrape tabroom in order to curate information about high school debate, specifically National Circuit Public Forum.

There is a corresponding frontend at where you can index through any competitors on the circuit and view our rankings.

The site and API were coded by Samarth Chitgopekar and the ranking methodology (the OTR Score) was created by Adithya Vaidyanathan.

We created this resource in order to, for once and for all, bring a clear and concise dataset to high school debate. Though perfection is hard to reach with data on this scale, we can confidently say we are the most accurate ranking/results site.


We use a custom factor, the OTR Score to rank thousands of debaters across the nation. For information about this factor and how it is calculated, please refer to RANKING


The primary purpose of this repository is to provide the raw JSON datasets for people looking to create their own projects, as our frontend already provides a clean way to access anything you'd need non-programatically. With the datasets, found in data/ (archives are provided as zipfiles in the releases tab by year), you can make your own projects or conduct any research you'd need. If you don't like how we rank debaters, by all means you can use our raw data to make your own! Submit a PR if its groundbreaking :)

If you'd like to scrape the data yourself (which we do not reccommend, since Tabroom's resources are limited), you should keep in mind that Tabroom's site is highly unstandardized. That is, tournaments publish varying amounts of data in varying formats. The utilities in utils/ do a great job at covering this range, but you will need to know some Python in order to debug! This is by no means a plug and play solution. This is why its reccommended for you to let us handle everything, we even post the results within ~3 hrs. of the final places being announced!

In the event you're still interested in scraping yourself, keep the following in mind:

  1. The full API documentation is in There are comments on every pertinent function. You need to read these to be able to scrape yourself.
  2. Start off by cloning the most recent version of the repo, making sure that the tournament you want is in data/tournInfo.json. If not, add it.
  3. Run Most times you'll get an output in data/tournaments/{tournament name}.json, but any errors will be logged. From there, read the docs and debug.

If you need any help, feel free to message me at