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mnot commented Feb 18, 2014

Section 5 Streams and Multiplexing starts:

A "stream" is an independent, bi-directional sequence of HEADER and DATA frames exchanged between the client and server within an HTTP/2 connection.

Read literally, this means that streams can't contain PUSH_PROMISE, CONTINUATION, RST_STREAM and so on. I know that there's a distinction between "on" and "about" streams, but that doesn't appear to make it into the document, and this sentence will confuse.

We could enumerate the frame types, but given that every frame has a stream ID, even it is sometimes 0, I wonder if the "of HEADER and DATA" clause should just be dropped.


So, this was an attempt to resolve the "on" and "about" thing we were fixated on a while back. I think that it's no longer an issue; the document is simply much more precise about what can be sent and when, we don't need the classification.

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