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terminology: intermediary #427

reschke opened this Issue · 5 comments

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We have several statements about intermediaries, some of which normative requirements, but the terminology section doesn't even mention them.

Are intermediaries exactly what 1.1 says about them? If yes, shouldn't we clarify that?

@reschke reschke added the design label

Can we use #413 to address this comment?


this one is more general than 413.
The spec is quite cryptic about intermediaries, it mention it several times but when it does is not clear to what type of intermediaries it is referring to.
it is not clear if intermediaries are exactly the same defined in 1.1 or they are different, slightly different etc. etc.

@mnot mnot added editorial and removed design labels

The intent here is to use the definitions in 1.1 exactly as is. There are additional requirements on intermediaries, or requirements that are specific to HTTP2, which is why we include text on intermediation. However, there should be no change to the definition of their role. Mark seems keen on having a whole section on their role, but after reading the 1.1 text, that seems sufficient to me. I'm sure that you can let me know if the text I've proposed is insufficient/incorrect/etc...


I believe we need a tiny bit more; specifically entries (or a combined entry) for "tunnel", "proxy", and "gateway".

@reschke reschke reopened this

The change is fine and we can keep it. Is there anything else that we need here (@mnot, @reschke)?

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