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Create a full deployment pipeline (Github -> TravisCI -> Heroku) of a working http4k application using a single command:

curl -s  \
  -o /tmp/ && bash /tmp/

This should generate an output like the following:

Enter your app name: my-awesome-app
Setting up my-awesome-app

Creating Heroku app...
Creating GitHub repository...
Enabling TravisCI...
Preparing application skeleton...
Pushing deployment configuration...

Your application should be now ready:
 * Source code: [...]/my-awesome-app
 * TravisCI:
 * Heroku deployment:


  • A GitHub account.
  • A Heroku account.
  • The following commands available in your terminal:
    • jq
    • openssl
  • The following environment variables set:
    • GITHUB_USERNAME set to the user who'll own your application's git repository.
    • GITHUB_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN for the GitHub Personal Access Token to be used by the script to set up your repository and TravisCI (the owner must be the same user defined above).
    • HEROKU_API_KEY for the Heroku API Key to be used by the script to create your app.
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