@rossabaker rossabaker released this Oct 4, 2017 · 2061 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Port ChunkAggregator to fs2
  • Add logging middleware
  • Standardize on ExecutionContext over Strategy and ExecutorService
  • Implement Age header
  • Fix Client#toHttpService to not dispose until the body is consumed
  • Add a buffered implementation of EntityDecoder[Multipart]
  • In async-http-client, don't use ReactiveStreamsBodyGenerator unless there is
    a body to transmit. This fixes an IllegalStateException: unexpected message type
  • Add HSTS middleware
  • Add option to serve pre-gzipped resources
  • Add RequestLogging and ResponseLogging middlewares
  • StaticFile options return OptionT[Task, ?]
  • Set Content-Length or Transfer-Encoding: chunked header when serving
    from a URL
  • Explicitly close `URLConnection``s if we are not reading the contents
  • Upgrade to:
    • async-http-client-2.0.34
    • fs2-0.9.7
    • metrics-core-3.2.4
    • scodec-bits-1.1.5