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Document graph menu options #21

httpdss opened this Issue Jun 2, 2010 · 1 comment

1 participant

httpdss commented Jun 2, 2010

Carsten wrote:

The buttons floating next to the current graph do not work (except
"X") and their purpose is not documented. For X, the result is not
remembered in any way. Furthermore, it's kind of distracting to have
something move around following my mouse.

httpdss commented Jun 2, 2010

VERY TRUE, but some other buttons on that menu do actually work, you are just not using the latest HEAD (dba7950). I'll document them but for a quick explanation, the first row will be to travel forward and backwords in time, the 2nd row will be to zoom in and out, the 3rd row show a disk (to output fraph on another format) and the star is to select the graph (this selection is implemented, but there are no actions yet to apply to selected graphs).. the 4th row is the X to remove the graph from the list. this X is not persistent yet so if you refresh, it will appear again.
With respect to the mouse thing ... i'll try to workaround, but its really anoying to have that menu shown on every graph if you only need it on the one you are standing ... specially for the navigation features that will come later.

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