Support for graphs with negative values (think temperature) #48

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Hi collectd-web team
I'm running collectd to save temeperatures around the house. Unfortunately the default RRD arguments prevent any negative numbers from being shown on the graph.
The array in the file 'collection.modified.cgi' should be adjusted like this:
our @RRDDefaultArgs = (
'-w', '500', '-h', '160','--alt-autoscale','--alt-y-grid',
'--slope-mode', '--font', 'TITLE:10:', '--font', 'AXIS:8:', '--font', 'LEGEND:8:',
'--font', 'UNIT:8:', '-c', 'BACK#FF000000',
'-c', 'SHADEA#FF000000', '-c', 'SHADEB#FF000000', '-i');

Best regards, Lars.

PS: If possible I would like to volunteer on this project as a developer. Anyone interested?

httpdss commented Mar 10, 2012

Hi ElHeineken,

I'm very interested on having a team for this project, but some organizing needs to be done for that to happen.

Currently the way to feed this project is by cloning and pull requesting afterwards. I'll be looking to alternatives in how to approach this issue.

thanks for your contrib!

Best regards,

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