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Digital Preservation of HTTP in documentary heritage.


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A tool to check the status of a weblink and also see whether it is archived in the Internet Archive.

Try it out here

Default Server

The library comes with a default server mode that can be configured for POST and GET requests. POST by default. Default port is :2040 but this can also be selected at runtime.

Image of the in-built HTTPPreserve server

The default server can also be stood up as a web service. The API is documented below.


The httpreserve linstat client is a separate application offering simple access to httpreserve functionality through the command line. See linkstat

The client application is a work in progress. Stay tuned for more information about its capabilities.


Primary entry point when the server is running:




GET example:

POST example:

Same access point, but encode url and filename in a <i>application/x-www-form-urlencoded</i> form.

OPTIONS example:

`curl -X OPTIONS | less`

RETURN value:

'application/json' struct to work with, e.g.

        "AnalysisVersionNumber": "0.0.15",
        "AnalysisVersionText": "exponentialDK-httpreserve/0.0.15",
        "SimpleRequestVersion": "httpreserve-simplerequest/0.0.4",
        "Link": "",
        "Title": "example domain",
        "ContentType": "text/html; charset=UTF-8",
        "ResponseCode": 206,
        "ResponseText": "Partial Content",
        "SourceURL": "",
        "ScreenShot": "snapshots are not currently enabled",
        "InternetArchiveLinkEarliest": "",
        "InternetArchiveEarliestDate": "2002-01-20 14:25:10 +0000 UTC",
        "InternetArchiveLinkLatest": "",
        "InternetArchiveLatestDate": "2023-05-26 14:55:24 +0000 UTC",
        "InternetArchiveSaveLink": "",
        "InternetArchiveResponseCode": 302,
        "InternetArchiveResponseText": "Found",
        "RobustLinkEarliest": "<a href='' data-originalurl='' data-versiondate='2002-01-20'>HTTPreserve Robust Link - simply replace this text!!</a>",
        "RobustLinkLatest": "<a href='' data-originalurl='' data-versiondate='2023-05-26'>HTTPreserve Robust Link - simply replace this text!!</a>",
        "PWID": "",
        "Archived": true,
        "Error": false,
        "ErrorMessage": "",
        "StatsCreationTime": "883.557598ms"

Archiving Weblinks

Robust links and Persistent Web Identifiers

HTTPreserve tries to promote the use of emerging standards such as Mementoweb's Robust Links and the Royal Danish Library's Persistent Web-Identifiers (PWIDs).

More information about those can be found at the links below:


GNU General Public License Version 3. Full Text