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HTTP Router

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This package provides convenient management of HTTP request routing with support for PSR-7 and PSR-15.



This package requires PHP version 7.4 or later.

composer require httpsoft/http-router


use HttpSoft\Router\RouteCollector;

 * @var mixed $handler

$router = new RouteCollector();

// Defining routes.
$router->get('home', '/', $handler);
$router->post('logout', '/logout', $handler);
$router->add('login', '/login', $handler, ['GET', 'POST']);

// Custom regular expressions for placeholder parameter tokens.
$router->delete('post.delete', '/post/delete/{id}', $handler)->tokens(['id' => '\d+']);

// Generate path '/post/delete/25'
$router->routes()->path('post.delete', ['id' => 25]);
// Generate url '//'
$router->routes()->url('post.delete', ['id' => 25], '');
// Generate url ''
$router->routes()->url('post.delete', ['id' => 25], '', true);

Set the parameter to the default value.

$router->get('post.view', '/post/{slug}{format}', $handler)
    ->tokens(['slug' => '[\w\-]+', 'format' => '\.[a-zA-z]{3,}'])
    ->defaults(['format' => '.html'])

// Generate path '/post/post-slug.html'.
$router->routes()->path('post.view', ['slug' => 'post-slug']);

Tokens of the route enclosed in [...] are considered optional.

$router->get('post.list', '/posts{[page]}', $handler)
    ->tokens(['page' => '\d+'])

// '/posts/33'
$router->routes()->path('post.list', ['page' => 33]);
// '/posts'

If necessary, you can specify a specific host for route matching.

// Only for
$router->get('page', '/page', $handler)

// Only for
$router->get('page', '/page', $handler)

// Only for or
$router->get('page', '/page', $handler)

You can specify routes inside of a group.

$router->group('/post', static function (RouteCollector $router): void {
    // '/post/post-slug'
    $router->get('post.view', '/{slug}', ViewHandler::class)->tokens(['slug' => '[\w-]+']);
    // '/post' or '/post/2'
    $router->get('post.list', '/list{[page]}', ListHandler::class)->tokens(['page' => '\d+']);

// The result will be equivalent to:

$router->get('post.view', '/post/{slug}', ViewHandler::class)->tokens(['slug' => '[\w-]+']);
$router->get('post.list', '/post/list{[page]}', ListHandler::class)->tokens(['page' => '\d+']);

Check matching routes.

 * @var mixed $handler
 * @var Psr\Http\Message\UriInterface $uri
 * @var Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface $request

$router->get('page', '/page/{id}', $handler)->tokens(['id' => '\d+']);

// Match
$route = $router->routes()->match($request->withUri($uri->withPath('/page/11')));
$route->getMatchedParameters(); // ['id' => '11']

// Mismatch
$router->routes()->match($request->withUri($uri->withPath('/page/slug'))); // null