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Version history for the htty project

v1.4.1, Wed 9/26/2012

  • Fixed a bug in line wrapping of long command prompts

v1.4.0, Sat 3/10/2012

  • Added http-patch and patch commands to support HTTP PATCH
  • Refined dependencies

v1.3.4, Mon 10/17/2011

  • Added support for Ctrl-D to exit and to terminate body-set command input [with help from bofrede]
  • Added --version and --help command-line arguments

v1.3.3, Sat 3/05/2011

  • Fixed a bug in the query-add and query-set commands

v1.3.2, Fri 3/04/2011

  • Fixed configuration issues related to rubygems-test gem support

v1.3.1, Fri 2/25/2011

  • Fixed a bug in the body-request-open and body-response-open commands

v1.3.0, Fri 2/25/2011

  • Added the body-request-open and body-response-open commands for viewing body content in an external program [with help from rbxbx]
  • Added validation of the URL scheme
  • Added support for the rubygems-test gem for compatibility testing in the field
  • Refined dependencies

v1.2.1, Wed 12/01/2010

  • Made Ruby v1.8.7 or later a requirement for gem installation
  • Upgraded dependencies

v1.2.0, Wed 12/01/2010

  • Added support for Tab-key completion of user input [carsonmcdonald]
  • Enhanced the query-unset command to accept an optional value argument [nextmat]

v1.1.6, Mon 11/22/2010

  • Added the query-add and query-remove commands [nextmat]
  • Added context-sensitive help in connection with server certificate verification
  • Upgraded various dependencies

v1.1.5, Wed 10/20/2010

  • Added the ssl-verification* commands for controlling the verification of server certificates [dtjm]
  • Fixed a bug in the query-set command [nextmat]
  • Fixed a Ruby < v1.9 compatibility problem

v1.1.4, Sat 10/16/2010

  • Enhanced the query-set command [nextmat] to:
    • Accept an arbitrary number of arguments
    • Support valueless keys
    • Support duplicate keys
    • Support keys with brackets in their names, à la Rails

v1.1.3, Tue 10/12/2010

  • Fixed a bug in the arrow keys and Emacs key bindings support within the body-set command [ephox-rob/rojotek]
  • Fixed a bug involving empty response bodies such as are received with 304 Not Modified

v1.1.2, Wed 9/29/2010

  • Stopped recording blank and repeated entries in the command history [jgorset]
  • Fixed a bug in the help index

v1.1.1, Tue 9/28/2010

  • Classified RubyGems for building documentation as development-only dependencies

v1.1.0, Tue 9/28/2010

  • Added HTTP Secure support
  • Added HTTP Basic Authentication support
  • Added support for arrow keys and Emacs key bindings [rbxbx]
  • Added support for Ctrl-D for terminating input [bofrede]
  • Enhanced the userinfo-set command to:
    • Permit separate entry of username and (optional) password
    • Permit colon-separated “username:password” entry
    • Automatically URL-escape @ symbols to avoid invalid URLs
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Corrected and expanded built-in help content

v1.0.0, Mon 9/06/2010

(First release)

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