Software base to create interactive multimedia diaries or ebooks on mobile devices. Based on Cocos2D.
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Software base for interactive diaries and ebooks for mobile devices

iDiary is a cocos2d-based software framework/base for creating interactive multimedia diaries or ebooks. It runs on the Apple iOS platform and has so far been tested on iPad 1 and 2. The software was created for interactive diaries used in workshops in the Jewish Museum Berlin.


User Maniacdev created a nice video showing some of the features on YouTube: iDiary - iPad Development Library Using Cocos2D For Creating Interactive eBooks

  • E-Book look & feel
  • built-in 3D page swipe animation
  • diverse multimedia objects on the book's pages:
  • images and text
  • movable objects
  • integration of video, audio and animations
  • physical objects (using Box2D)
  • built-in classes for action & reflex games, quizzes, etc.
  • script to generate page graphics and code from a Photoshop PSD file
  • fast OpenGL based rendering (done by underlying framework 'Cocos2D')


This software requires XCode to compile and run. The XCode project file can be found under src/iDiary2.xcodeproj. It already contains the sources of the cocos2d-framework of version 1.0.1 and is ready to compile.


The software package contains an "example diary" consisting of 8 pages that show usage cases and how to implement them using the specific classes in idiary. Details on the software architecture are described in the github wiki.


This software is released under BSD 3-clause license which is contained in the file LICENSE.