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Sample App from Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial, Migrated from 3.0->3.1->3.2

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Welcome to the SampleApp

This is a rails sample application based on Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails Tutorial, which is available here:

This Document is written in markdown, see

It was first written for rails 3.0.1, then successively migrated first to rails 3.1 and then 3.2. It might therefore differ from the version described in the book that is now directly written for rails 3.2

Things to show in class

Generate Sample Data with a rake task (Described in Section 9.3.2)

$ bundle exec rake db:reset $ bundle exec rake db:populate

Walk thru running App

Home Pages: shows all posts of followed users (not very clear, as they have been added in order)


gem install heroku heroku keys:add heroku create --stack cedar git push heroku master heroku run rake db:migrate heroku open

heroku help heroku db:push heroku logs

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