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HUNER is a state-of-the-art NER model for biomedical entities. It comes with models for genes/proteins, chemicals, diseases, species and cell lines.

The is based on the great LSTM-CRF NER tagger implementation glample/tagger by Guillaume Lample.


Section Description
Installation How to install HUNER
Usage How to use HUNER
Models Available pretrained models
Corpora The HUNER Corpora


  1. Install docker
  2. Clone this repository to $dir
  3. Download the pretrained model you want to use from here, place it into $dir/models/$model_name and untar it using tar xzf $model_name


To tokenize, sentence split and tag a file INPUT.TXT:

  1. Start the HUNER server from $dir using ./start_server $model_name. The model must reside in the directory $dir/models/$model_name.
  2. Tag text with python INPUT.TXT OUTPUT.CONLL --name $model_name.

the output will then be written to OUTPUT.CONLL in the conll2003 format.

The options for are:

  • --asume_tokenized: The input is already pre-tokenized and the tokens are separated by whitespace
  • --assume_sentence_splitted: The input is already split into sentences and each line of the input contains one sentence


Model Test sets P / R / F1 (%) CRAFT P / R / F1 (%)
cellline_all 65.09 / 67.69 / 66.08 -
chemical_all 83.34 / 80.26 / 81.71 53.56 / 35.85 / 42.95
disease_all 75.01 / 77.71 / 76.20 -
gene_all 75.01 / 79.16 / 76.81 59.67 / 65.98 / 62.66
species_all 85.37 / 79.98 / 82.59 98.51 / 73.83 / 84.40


For details and instructions on the HUNER corpora please refer to and the corresponding readme.


Please use the following bibtex entry:

  title={HUNER: Improving Biomedical NER with Pretraining},
  author={Weber, Leon and M{\"u}nchmeyer, Jannes and Rockt{\"a}schel, Tim and Habibi, Maryam and Leser, Ulf},
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